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Treatment for Back Pain

Back pain is a very commonly occurring pain that often occurs due to discomfort in muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine. It may be due to posture, impact of a physical activity or it can be a chronic pain, and it can be constant or intermittent. The pain can be felt…
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Treatment for Spine Injury Dislocation

Injuries that occur in the spine due to road traffic accident, heavy fall or high-impact sports injuries etc are called¬† Spinal dislocations or Spine Injury Dislocation. Based on the nature of the injury there can be a fracture and, or the tendons lose their elasticity which had been stretched by the joint resulting in a…
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Treatment for Genetic Imperfections

Sometimes errors occur in the genes which are known as genetic imperfections or genetic disorder. The study of these disorders, heredity, and variation in living organisms is called Genetics. While some diseases are partly due to a genetic disorder eg.Cancer, they can also be caused by environmental factors as well. Most disorders that occur due…
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Treatment for Dislocations

When bones in a joint get misaligned or misplaced dislocation occurs. Sudden jolt or impact to the joint are the reasons for this mishap to occur, which can also lead to damage to ligaments. As Kalari has been devised to treat such injuries as they are very common in Kalarippayatt making this method of treatment…
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